Don't get lost on a site not dedicated to your fandom!
We currently cater to both those that suit and those who focus on pet gear.
(Fur Suits, Pony Play, Pup Play, Kitten Play)
Those are the communities in the fandom that we currently work with.
The door is open if we find more within our community that don't have a proper representation!
Unleash your inner beast!
Finally! A website to connect in a way that understands the fandom in ways the bigger companies can't!
Offer exclusive content
Let your fans and community grow by offering content on a one-time fee or monthly membership basis
Endless Possability
Schedule private appointments, engage in real time live events or even webinars!
Stop working with sites that don't understand your needs.
Built by furs, run by furs, who know the many facets of the fandom, understand that the same website that works for 'everyone' does not work for your typical furry that needs to get their content out to the community.

We have been a members of the fandom from 1995. We understand the need for folk to be involved with people that understand the business they are in!